Olive has a very large molera – leaving a rather extensive area on top of her head exposed to possible damage. Since she is extremely slow to mature (her teeth didn’t pop through until she was close to 6 weeks old!) we expect the molera’ to close up more as she gets older. Until then, we are on Olive’s Head Watch. This leads me to ask the question, have you ever tried to stop a puppy from playing? If you have then you know that it’s damn near impossible, She screams when left alone (and yes we ave tried the walk away technique – she screamed for 2.5 straight hours!!!) so she is always with the other puppies now. Have you ever seen one puppy wearing a “cone of shame” be in the proximity of another dog, let alone another puppy? Yeah that ain’t gonna happen! So, we watch diligently.

Today she was wrestling with the other pups and smacked her head on the ground. It wasn’t near the molar and there was no swelling but she screamed something fierce – This time in pain! If you touch her little skull, she yelps and if she moves while she is napping, she yelps too. She hasn’t eaten since the incident so I warmed up some moist food for her to keep up her strength- At 1 pound 6 ounces, she can’t skip a meal, that’s for sure! And the little brat took advantage of the coddling and would only eat off my fingers – We are screwed!

Bostonista Beds ROCK!
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