Our sweet KC has been out of the show circuit since December and she has clearly enjoyed the couch life. She has put on a few ounces and prefers lounging over everything else. When we packed up to head out to the show last weekend, her excitement at the thought of going to a show was heartbreaking. I so wish we could have taken her.

I have decided to get her back in show shape and have used KC to help me train the pups in their lead training! Having them watch a trained dogs can make things a lot easier and she did such a fabulous job helping get Tipsy walking on the lead! Maybe we can enter her in shows come this summer and get her back into the swing of things. Either way, she is so tail-wagingly happy to be on a lead, I can’t wait to see her excitement when we pack her up to go to the next show!

The Yard Guard
Love Of A Mother