When it comes to sleeping, Chihuahuas have some very unique habits. They can be somewhat cat-like, as they scale the back of couches for the perfect nap-time perch. Today’s nap ritual definitely caught my eye and included several chuckles.

Our Mountain GoatsOur house is lived in. Shouldn’t every house be that way? Our sectional couch is usually covered with scattered toss pillows, cuddly blankets and a slew of dogs. I gathered all of the pillows to place in the corner and folded up the blankets so tidy things up  a bit but then 20 minutes later, THIS is what I discovered. We can add Mountain Goat to the list of descriptive traits our Chihuahuas have!

Look at how they claimed a pillow and then fluffed it to nap upon. They all laid atop a pillow and slept the afternoon way. It looks as is Stoli kicked a few around the couch but opted to simply nap on the couch itself.

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