With a major family event also scheduled for this weekend, I want too sure if we would be able to make the dog show up here in Elkton but thanks to the Show Schedule Gods, we were able to drive up early thing morning and sneak one day in. (We won’t be able t0 make it tomorrow)

Of course, this same Gods were not as kind I as I would have liked because they put the Juniors at 8:00 am and the Pugs at 8;30 am, in rings as far away from each other as possible. I kept my fingers and toes crossed that the five previous Juniors classes to Open Seniors would be exceptionally slow but noooooooo!

Her class was called in at 8:31 and the Pugs were called in at 8:32. We had to pick one and with the added confusion of running from ring to ring to check status, we were left with Alexis and Boomer being the single entry for the Pugs – She never made it into the Juniors’ ring – But made a FABULOUS cheerleader for her friends  while they participated. They dynamic-duo did awesome, the only entry or not. It’s so great to see them back to doing their thing! Especially since it was one day ago this weekend that we met Rayna and discussed bringing Boomer into our lives – The event that changed all of our lives forever – and for the best!

Tipsy's first dog show - ElktonNow my news is VERY exciting! The Chihuahuas were three breeds behind the Pugs at 8:30 and I am proud to announce that Tipsy competed in her very first dog show!!! She was fantastic  –  Especially since only 3 months ago she refused to walk on a lead and was nippy as ever! Oh, and have I mentioned she is in season too?!?!

She walked and actually got her tail up for about 2 seconds! She tolerated the table and only gave out a very slight grow at the judge – letting her examine her bite without issue. I AM SO PROUD! Of Tipsy and of myself. It’s been so long since I have actually shown and the butterflies seem to have subsided!


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Tips Is Such A Tease!