After waking at 4 am, packing up gear for a long drive and a very long day, the sweat beads appeared as we unpacked for our 8:30 am ring time in Zolfo Springs, Florida. It is going to be a VERY hot day! I have to admit that this is a prime example of what assuming does – I  ASSUMED it was an indoor show. It’s not. It’s nowhere near being indoors and our sweet Boomer the Pug is not going to fare well in the heat as the day progresses. From her eon out, I need to check the Premium to confirm indoor or outdoor shows.

We have an 8:30 ring time for both Pugs and Chihuahuas, with 11 dog/entires between our breeds so with Boomer going in first, they rocked it as only Boomer and Alexis can.  I don’t care if we were the only entry, they would have won even with competition. They did awesome!


It Just Won't Stop
Second Trip To The Ring Was A Success