We made some sugary-sweet lemonade day! After packing up and getting to bed as early as ever yesterday, so that we could make our 8:30 am ring time in Vero Beach this morning, right around the halfway mark, we had to turn around and come home to handle a family emergency. Back home and unpacked before the clock struck 8 am, I had a long day ahead of me and dog show on the brain!

Tipsy Ring Side TrainingI was so excited to give Tipsy go-round in the ring today after having tried more socialization techniques last weekend – Standing her up on the grooming table ringside, to take in the strangers passing by and an occasional visit. Since being home eliminates the chance to further that socialization, her next most needed lesson is getting that tail up in her self-stack position. Into the backyard with all of the freshly thawed chicken bait we went…

I have to say, it didn’t take long for Tipsy to grasp the lesson and then she soon became the queen of the perfect self-stack.  She quickly became an inspiration to the young pups as they too now are learning the techniques. Even Olive took part. Thanks Tipsy – Our New Training Queen!


All Four With Mom
And He Shall Be Named Buddy