Anyone that participates in dog shows knows what a “reserve” is compared to a REAL reserve. You see, those “default” 1st place ribbons are nice, because they get you back into the ring for the Winners competition. But getting the 1st place with no competition isn’t as nice as a real earn. The same can be said for the Reserve placements.

Tipsy was a real trooper on her solo trip around the ring for her class – 9-12 month puppy. No tail up but then again, there was no pause or hesitation in her walk. Only a slight growl on the table when the judge approached to see here bite, all in all, a very good trip to the ring for Tipsy. Reentering the ring  for Winners Bitch, she actually got her tail up a bit and pranced like a winner.

When the judge pointed to me right after she pulled Rita and Magic, I had to do a double-take. I was so excited! She did it! – WE did it! Soooooo Exciting! Our hard work is paying off and clearly the judge looked beyond Tipsy’s apprehension and truly saw her structure. So appreciative and grateful!

We May Be On To Something
And Select It Is