So I went to get my  bags of Merrick Grain Free Duck and Pork today and they were out of the Duck. The shelves were filled with a new option, Merrick Backcountry. In addition to the kibble, there are also freeze-dried raw meat pieces. I have always wanted to try freeze-dried food and thought this would be a perfect opportunity. There was only one concern – The reintroduction to turkey and chicken as well as white potatoes. I have noticed that since switching to a diet with greasier meats & sweet potatoes and removing the chicken, I did see the paw and leg licking and the scratching subside. I wasn’t too sure if it was the lack of grain or the lack of poultry. I figured this sudden change in diet would help narrow things down. It didn’t take long for that to actually happen too!

Tear stains are up, leg and paw licking is back and the scratching is high. No – we don’t have fleas. They are on Comfortis! I figured the increase in heat will add some of the scratching but not this much! Once we are done with this bag, I will go back to duck and pork and watch to see if things subside again.

I can tell you that they ALL love the freeze-dried raw bits. Seriously! BIG TIME! They pick the pieces out first and devour them. I credit all of Olive’s weight gain to these bits  – She can’t seem to get enough. And no changes in stools ,which I thought might soften with the change in diet but they remained nice a firm! Something totally worth noting!

All in all I think the food is good but the jury is still out on the white potatoes and chicken. I may have to try the red meat version, or even possible the fish. In the mean time, we have too many shows coming up for of the eye stains and licking!

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