with tons of new lessons!

Jen offered to help with some Junior focused, one-on-one instructions for Alexis and KC of the upcoming TBCC Specialty. She does fabulous with Boomer but she only shows KC once, maybe twice a year so skills for working with more delicate breeds are most definitely welcome. Then of course comes moi – I need some additional guidance for sure.  I have always listened in on Alexis’ lessons to help hone my own skills – I have learned everything I know on showing a dog from watching others. When the lessons were extended to me as well, I cannot tell you how elated I was. Learning the REASONS why you do certain things in the ring and not just mimicking the actions of others is always a bonus, so YAHOO!!!!

Breanna also mentioned an interest in showing one of our Chihuahuas. She truly enjoyed showing at the Regional Specialty back in December and nailed it when it came to training Tipsy so her request was granted immediately. It was just a matter of figuring out which was the best match for her. That question was answered this afternoon – Her special buddy in going to be Beamer!

So with KC handled by Alexis and Beamer handled by Breanna, I watched Jen share tips and techniques that were so  useful and downright amazing. It was just tweaks to the already known skills that made an absolutely amazing difference. With her direction and Breanna’s skilled hand, I have never seen Beamer look so good on the lead. Then of course comes the techniques I learned.

My emotions directly effect what happens with Tipsy when I am handling her and my fear of what she “might” do on the table can come across as fear of the judge and that is what makes her react. I witnessed her be snarly with Jen as she stood on the tabled in a ball of nerves. I left and returned like two minutes late to find Tipsy relaxed, stacked perfectly and Jen not holding her in a death grip around the neck like I do but only y the lead about her head. I was like “What to the WHAT?” She was 300% correct! And yes, the first thing out of my mouth was “Well hell, would you show her for me?” Her response was “Well of course I would – But that won’t teach you a thing!” And she was right – Big Time! And I adore her even more for the brutal honesty. I need to learn to deal with her behaviors.

It has been decided! We will be meeting for lessons weekly and Breanna is going to be the best handler ever for Beamer. I am not sure what I am more excited about!




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