This is what two teenagers, two escaped moms and six Chihuahuas packed in the car for a record breaking day of fun looks like. When we heard about the Chihuahua De Mayo event at the Daytona Band Shell, I knew we just had to go! I mean come on! We have a slew of them! Our only dilemma was finding enough two-piece costumes. Seriously! Sweaters and t-shirts a plenty around here but costumes not so much. After a 4 hour long shopping spree this week, we were able to find enough to dress and bring Bubbles, Beamer, KC, Tipsy, Ty and Milly.

Chihuahua De Mayo 2015 - Daytona BeachOnce we got registered we didn’t have to wait long for us to try break a Guinness Book of Word Records by having 200 Chihuahuas in costume for a parade. We all gathered at the Bandshell and I can tell you that it was so cool to be around so many Chihuahua loving folks today! the excitement was electric and the desire to break that record. They announced that we had a count of 209!!! The goal was 200 and the previous record was 124 so I would have to say that today was a true success!!!!

Chihuahua De Mayo 2015 - Daytona BeachThe Mariachi Band – “Charros De Mexico” – kept the entire crowd entertained the whole afternoon. I think we may need to look in to hiring them for the Meet The Breeds booth in December! The music was a plenty and they remained engaged with all of us Chihuahua peeps as well.

Chihuahua De Mayo 2015 - Daytona BeachThe temperatures were perfect but the sun was direct and our crew was getting a tad warm  –  Especially in costumes! We found a nice shady spot to plop the doggy stroller and opted to only bring KC, Beamer and Bubbles in the parade. This was Milly and Ty’s only second social event – The first being our B Match back in March. Neither are actually “walking” on leads so getting them to walk with leashes and collars was something completely new. Tipsy was over the stranger’s hands in her face and was getting a bit snippy so those three stayed behind while we ventured beach-side for the parade.

Parade prizes were handed out for King & Queen Chihuahua winners, best costume, best temperament, best hat, best duo and best trio. None of our sweet Chi-Chi Crew were selected but Sugar was given an Honorable Mention!!! SO PROUD!!

Chihuahua De Mayo 2015 - Daytona BeachNow this is what two teenagers, two windblown moms and six Chihuahuas packed in the car for ride back home after breaking a Guinness Book of Word Record looks like. I really do hope that they plan on holding this event again next year. They got the whole “registered/full breed Chihuahua” thing worked out, which I think caused some confusion – I would love to see even more entries next year!





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