Today is the final day of this cluster as well as the two straight long weekends in a row and I for one, am POOP! An emergency c-section and tending to two new babies thrown in the mix and I am not afraid to say I am so happy it’s over! Seriously! We don’t have another show until the fall sooooo …

It was bitter-sweet to watch Beamer on his last go round the ring. He and Breanna have done such an amazing job over the last month and they earned one point, with a Best of Winner’s under his belt! That’s so huge! They kept him away from my until the males were done. He got a 2nd place with his “gimme” reserve and thanks to me keeping my big mouth shut, only looked out for me once. He looked so proud out there but he was never happier than when he was back in our loving arms. Because of this, I know our decision for his retirement after this weekend is the right way to go. Couch loving in Rhode Island has always been his future, and that future begins now! 

Tipsy on the last day of the clusterTipsy and I walked around outside the ring for close to 20 minutes before her ring time. Her tail was up, her confidence was over-flowith and she walked around like she was at home. That was until someone dropped a crate and suddenly she went back to a ball of nerves. She came-to enough to walk the ring but nothing really behind that.

I can say my day three lesson in Tampa was used last night at the sweepstakes and again this morning. Getting down with her on the floor and hand-stacking her truly calms her nerves. I will work on that over the next couple of months to prepare for the shows in the fall. But until then, I think we are all happy the weekend is over!





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