29015 Breeder's SweepstakesI have entered the Breeder’s Sweepstakes at this Orlando Dog Show Cluster for several years. I have enjoyed the comradery and pride shown by breeders. I have always felt it is an event for those of us that are not professional handlers but are in the sport based on our passions to better our breed. I anticipated the annual BB-Qed pulled pork sandwiches, beans and coleslaw and edging the meals with friends. It was after I saw the entries in the Judging Program that I realized, this was not going to be like those Sweepstakes of yesteryear. I am so sad! 

Tipsy and I were the only Long Coat bitch entered. Michele and Jake were the only Smooth Coat, period! Sure, it was nice to be able to go back in for groups, but it was a “gimme” win! Then to have a professional handler take Group 1? Well, it was very disappointing. All in all I love supporting the event and had a great time having with my friends (the two that entered the event) and yes, I made some new friends too! But I have to say, I might have to save my money next year and perhaps enter an additional dog in the main day show if the interest is this minute.

She Got A Placement
Happy & Sad