After all of the excitement from yesterday, today’s schedule is going to keep me on my toes! It started with an 11:45 ring time for Chihuahuas, which was awfully kind. (We generally start at 8am). From there was had the eye clinic to have several of our dogs tested, Juniors at 1:30 and then the Breeder’s Sweepstakes following Best In Show.

My first report of the day is from the Chihuahua ring. As we waited ringside we had a blending of odd events that merged into a major kabooooom!

A friend who couldn’t make it to the show called to FaceTime and watch, we had Tipsy out on a lead to get acclimated to the room and people around us and were approaching the ring entry of the smooth coats when it happened. Tipsy saw a Pug being walked and decided to walk over to say hello. Unfortunately, Alexis, was holding the lead to Tips AND my iPhone, not noticing the fact that the owner of the Pug was about to walk into the lead, creating a “clothesline”. Yhep, the lead got tripped over and Tipsy the drama queen screamed like she had been murdered. A major scene for sure and you can bet that her tail did NOT come out from between her hind legs.

Soooooooo, while Beamer and Breanna did there thing in the ring, I walked Tipsy outside the ring, hoping to rebuild that confidence. Beamer had al of that confidence int he world, until he realized I was int he same room. Jen and Breanna met us ringside 15 minutes before going into the ring and clearly, after being away for the last week, he missed me! Once he knew I was there, I was all that he wanted. A second place ad gimme” reserve” was the result and lessons learned for tomorrow.

Tipsy did eventually make it into the ring, but with no tail at all. I was just thrilled that she walked! I was seriously thinking she has the walk scare out of her. She’ all good – we will keep working her confidence. We ill be spending more time on ground and not hidden away in a crate at shows – She needs to learn to be AT a show!



And Back At The Fairgrounds....
CHIC, Here We Come!