While Smoochie and I were at the vet, Michele and Alexis were at the fairgrounds participating in the dog show and I am proud to announce their amazing accomplishments.

Alexis and Boomer got 3rd!First, in Juniors, Alexis and Boomer got 3rd place! I heard they did awesome, with Alexis keeping her new skills in focus. So proud!

Then onto the Long Coats, with Alexis handling Tipsy. This is her first time showing  The Tips and they both did a great job, totally earning their “gimme” 4th place. tipsy was on her very best behavior – making me very proud!

The Smooth Coat ring was filled with awesome accomplishments. First, Michele got Select with Jake and they also took Owner-Handler!!! And then the Figgy news, that Breanna and Beamer not only took Winner’s Dog (he was the only entry today) but he also took Noes of Winners, for his very first Point!!! YAHOOO! I am so excited!!!



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