Every other year, the Sunshine State Herding Group Association holds a Junior Jamboree for the kids to get some of the most amazing training sessions under their belts. Then of course the memories and new friendships is the best part of all!

We had to miss the last one that was held in West Palm Beach two years ago due to a family emergency so that chance to get to go to one this year means more that  you might ever know. She will have aged out by the time the next one is held – SO hopefully by then she can help with the instructions.

Junior Jamboree 2015As a participant this year, she and Lillia had a great time! They  learned about show attire, ring etiquette, sportsmanship, rule and regulations, grooming and also ho to pose for show pictures! (something I need to learn for sure!) So many people donated their time and talents of these kids to really receive from priceless lessons – It was amazing to witness!

After their lunch break, the kids broke up into to groups based on the size of their dogs and then got to work one-on-one with professional handlers, teaching them handing techniques also with different procedures and patterns. After that they then broke into groups based on their age/class and competed with two different judges giving them critiques, complete with a checklist that they gave to each child. SO COOL!

Alexis is did awesome!! She was so focused but also relaxed, something I have never had a chance to witness. It was amazing! So much so that she got First place!! Oh Yeah! She did that Awesome! SO PROUD!



We Got A Placement!
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