Boomer sports a bellyband while he is roaming the house and has been doing so for a long time. He is so accustom to it that he will stand there and let us put it on him with no issue. One day we headed out for the afternoon and came back to find what looked like a snow storm in our kitchen. Shredded white fluff and pieces of plastic were everywhere! Boomer looked up at us with a smirk and a naked belly… He had been De-Banded and clearly the puppies had shredded the maxipad that was on the bellyband.

From that day forward, we have payed attention to the Bellyband Nappers (Milly, Ty and Kiss) and all of their antics. You can hear the velcro as they try to chew the band off of Boomer. Today, while he laid under the kitchen table. on the tile to cool his belly, the nappers, de-banded him while he lay there! They are so mischievous!

They Made It!
It's A Sock War!