1st 4th of JulyThis weekend was Milly, Ty and Olive’s very first July 4th experience and I am proud to announce, they did a fabulous job!

We have the local Red, Hot and Boom event right down the road from our house. With over 10,000 people attending, you know the fireworks are intense! They have luckily become desensitized to thunderstorms and lightening but getting dogs accustom to the unique sounds of fireworks can be tricky.

We had the Red Hot and Boom event last night, which is 20 minutes of consecutive fireworks, but then tonight was something totally different. Random and sporadic firework set off by individuals all around us. They dealt with last night’s party much better than tonight’s but even so, they did well. They just cuddled up with on the couch. I would call that  a success!

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