The boys are officially 6 weeks old today and they both have truly come into their own. We finally have a glimpse of their temperaments and boy oh boy are these two going to be a blast to watch grow!

I am here to tell you that Kid is not only his father’s spitting image, he also has his playful, tailwaggin’ personality! I can image what Beamer was like as a 6 week old puppy and knowing his own father, and grandfather, it is Goody’s cautious ways that are also intertwined in Kid’s temperament. We will begin his socialization as early as possible to help build that confidence. George one the other hand may be smaller in size but is larger in confidence. He also has the looks of his grandfather but the confidence of his uncle Thor. He too will be socialized, just with a different focus.


You Know What This Mean, Right?
So Plump And Chubby!