We headed up to Deland for the show today and in addition to our show girl Tipsy, I brought Georgie so that he could get acclimated to the dog show environment and of course receive more socialization.

Tipsy did very well today but as always, she didn’t put her tail up. We proudly accepted our third place and  then I opted to walk her around the show grounds to help build her confident a bit. We will see how well that helps tomorrow.

Georgie on the other hand was not put on the ground but he was handled a bit, getting him used to as many different people as possible. I also had him evaluated by Darrius and he gave him two thumbs up. He still has a lot of maturing to do but he, along with many others, saw great potential in our latest bred-by. We will be able to enter him for his first show in January but until then I will continue to bring him to shows and get him acclaimed.

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8 Week Photo Shoot