rocky1So on my drive home from the dog show, I happened to see this little Lhasa Apso walking down the sidewalk. It was when I watched him walk aimlessly while panting in the heat that I had to do something. My heart knew this little guy would not fair well in such hot temperatures but I also didn’t know if he lived in one of the houses close by. I decided that if I got out and he didn’t run I was meant to help him. Wouldn’t you know it! I opened the can door and he jumped right in!

Needless to say he had a collar and tag – Rocky became a guest at our home for the afternoon, until his owners returned home from up in Daytona.  Apparently he slipped out when they left and was clearly roaming the neighborhood all morning.  Rocky was the perfect guest and got along splendidly with our crew – Very sweet boy deeply loved by a very nice and thankful family.

First Set Done
Our Weekend Home in South Carolina