When ever we leave the house, Dude starts this annoying bark of panic that then gets all of the other dogs into a howling frenzy. The howling can sometimes go on for up to 5 minutes and yes, it can be heard from the end of our driveway! ANNOYING!!!

Last week, by accident, discovered a solution. When heading out for an appointment, Dude sunk through the doggy gate and ran into the living room. He jumped up onto the couch and seemed to settle in. He looked so content that I did have the heart to put him back into the kitchen so I left with him there.

When I closed and locked the front door, there was no barking, no howling and no shrieking. When we returned he clearly woke from a nap and greeted us with a tail wag. Clearly, the solution to his anxiety-riddlen howls is leaving him alone on the front living room.

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