Ty on the drive home after being neutered It started as any other trip to see Doc – some vaccines and a snippety-snip for the Ty man. But so much more happened and it was amazing!

First, the puppies did so awesome – all five of them! Kidd and Georgie got their rabies while the others received their second set of puppy vaccines. Not a single issue or reaction and not even a squeal. I was so proud!

Ty’s surgery was a complete success, with a rather quick recovery from the anesthesia an, with him being up and ready to head home after only a couple of hours. Granted, he still gets to deal with the house full of hormones but it will be a lot easier on him the next go around, for sure. Poor buddy. He is such an exceptionally sweet boy – He is going to make the most fabulous lap dog!!!

Tona at Doc’s office fell hard for Kidd and knew immediately that he ow deb perfect for her mom.They had a black and tan smooth coat that recently passed away and Kidd looked a lot like their little guy. She called her mom, who drove right up to the office to see him. I think you can guess what happened from there. Ohhhh yeah! She fell heard – REAL hard!

Kidd now has a new name is Cubby -which is adorable as ever – ad he will want and need for NOTHING! He will be the king of their castle – So excited for them ALL!!!

Will It Ever End?
What An Awesome Sister