I have known for a very long time that Gladys loves her Chihuahuas, having several conversations about those she had in her life many, many moons ago. Having St. Bernards, this breed is the exact opposite in the show world but equally as exciting. When she called me up to say she decided to take the Chi plunge, I told her to come on by and check out our crew.

Scotty going homeIt was Scotty that melted her heart. I will say it was a close tie with Kenny but Scotty took the lead. Growing him up to see how he develops is the goal, along with seeing about getting him into the show ring when he gets older. It is so exciting to know we get to watch him – Thrilling actually!

Tipsy and PedroGladys brought Pedro who is also interested in trying out the breed and when he took a quick peek into the kitchen and saw our Tipsy, you could literally see his breath get taken away He LOVES her! He is currently visiting Florida with plans to relocate. Once he is a Floridian, we may possibly do a bit of co-owning. She is such a little diva and truly deserves to be the princess of the house. Keeping fingers crossed that they get backdown here soon!



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