When I shared with Gladys the unique situation we have with Smoochie, it struck a cord with her and she immediately  thought of her son and daughter-in-law. They have a male Chihuahua named Tyson that has similar traits  They have been looking for a companion for him and Smoochie could very well be the perfect fit.

When Michael and  Barbara came to see her I think my anxiety was more intense than Smoochie’s. They were so calm and … Instantly in love! They saw past her hesitations and envisioned an amazing future with her as part of the family – Not a doubt in the world but I still offered them a “trial period”. One they did ultimately need – She was going home!



Patience and love is what I said Smoochie needs to finally have that perfect forever family to live out the happy and healthy life she deserves. Thank you Gladys – Thank you Barbara and Michael –  You made my dreams for Smoochie come true!



And They Shall Call Him Sammy
Loved And SO Much More