With Alexis being able to watch many different people handle her breed today, she witnessed an individual running, another walking very fast and even another walking very slow. I know first hand that she is a visual learner, having spent almost two years watching and observing others before she even stepped foot into a ring. Clearly she decided to do a bit of experimenting today in the Juniors ring because about have way around the ring for the initial gait, she started to run. It looked like she wasn’t exactly comfortable with the decision but Boomer just went along with it.

Alexis did get 4th place but honestly, it was still something she should have been very proud of. She is so used to competing against the kids in Florida and knows who from back home is more like to win. We are in Georgia and all of the kids are different. Two of the three Juniors in the ring with her today have parents that professional handlers. The other Junior is what might be described as a professional junior. She travels all over showing in Juniors and in Breed.

Lessons learned, no running with Boomer – and the competition is stiff here in Georgia!


The Ring Changed It All
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