Small Animal Christmas Clothes at PetSmartSo after the dress-up-fest that went down here on Christmas Eve, I thought I might stop by PetSmart to see if they had any thing on markdown for the after holiday sales. The doggy clothes were rather picked over, with only items in size Large left. I don’t see many large dogs in ugly Christmas sweaters. But on the end-cap was an entire collection of costumes for “small animals”. Like guinea pig small animals – Which just so happens to be the perfect size for our tinies, Dewey and Olive!

First, I had no idea that such a thing existed. Granted, we does up out Chihuahuas so why not do the same to your guinea pig, right? This tiny size is actually perfect for a 2-2 pound Chihuahuas – Like crazy perfect! And days after Christmas, I picked the full costumes up for $2.30 and the hats for $1.50. Unheard-of in the dog clothes market! Run don’t walk to your local PetSmart before the sell out. I am packing up ours for next year’s extravaganza!



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