So our family opens up our gifts very VERY late on Christmas Eve and right into Christmas morning. Our son and daughter-in-law flew into town yesterday and they are staying here with us for the visit. They invited some friends over to help us celebrate the season and it has turned into quite the fiesta of fun!

One of the items I wrapped up for myself, I mean, Santa brought for me, was a collection of dog costumes and outfits I found on the shopping adventure during our trip to Savannah. (PetSmart had them marked 50% off – how could I pass that up???) The girls were tickled pink with the idea of getting to dress up the of littlest of dogs. Like dressing up a collection of Barbie dolls, they tried each one on and then asked if I had any more. Well of course I do! Years worth of Halloween costumes and frilly dress.

Olive, Tipsy and Dewey were so patient and willing to play along. All they cared about as being held, wearing a little black dress or not. I mean, look at Dewey in a ladybug dress!!! He just loves all of the attention! We may just have found a new holiday tradition!


Must'a Sniffed It Out
She Just Knew