It was quite the amazing day when it comes to Boomer’s Grand Champion title! We needed two more major wins and we also need to start beating some fellow Champions – Three to be exact! In they State and for the limited time he gets in the ring, it’s been a challenge but one that Alexis is not afraid of. Since she has asked to increase her showing this year for Juniors, I will increase Boomer’s breed ring time too  so maybe 2016 will be his GCH year?

In Juniors, there were a lot of kids and no matter how great Alexis ad Boomer worked together, the judge had a very hard choice. They didn’t place in Juniors but there was a major lesson learned. Alexis went in without a water bottle. Clearly as the sun was going down, the building heated up quickly and Boomer was getting a bit over heated. I brought her the bottle ring side and that did the trick. He was a pretty happy camper after being re-dehydrated.

Unfortunately, even though there was 2:45 PM ring time for Juniors, the breeds ahead of them made the Open Seniors go in at the exact same time at the Toy Group for Owner-Handler. She had to make a choice and she picked Juniors. She was able to make it into Groups and of course, as always, the two looked fabulous but they didn’t get any love – too many other beautiful dogs to compete with. All in all a wonderful afternoon!




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