Best in Show TrolleysI have been thinking about getting a Best In Show Trolley for a few years now. Several friends have them, each raving about how they can’t imagine life without it. Pulling the dogs and all of our gear over the terrain at several of the show sites in Florida is a nightmare and those with trollies seem to float to the ring with no problem. I am also rather focused on the schedule and ring times when I am at a show. By the time I get the chance to scoot over to their booth, they have sold out of all their at-show stock and I am not about to pay even more for shipping. So today I decided to head over to their booth on day ONE!

Finding a model that could house a Pug – possibly two – and at a minimum, two Chihuahuas was the goal. Initially I thought the mini 4-berth would work. I didn’t like the fact that Boomer’s head touched the top while he was in it. If he is going to live in this area all day at a show, I want to have the most room and comfort possible. We moved up to the regular 4-berth model that came in a shimmering purple – L O V E!  Even though it is bit taller and the compartments are large enough for three Chihuahuas, I  am more comfortable with the living quarters. It is a little heavier but between Alexis and I, we could pick it up together. We went with the show special that included the skirt and grooming arm, picking it up after Best in Show.

So far s GREAT! The dogs were escorted out of the show sight to the car to then drove to the hotel. One thing I never even thought about was how we could use it to unpack our stuff  and bringing it into our room! OMG! Instead of a gazillion little trips to and from the car, we loaded all of our stuff into the trolley, brought it to the room and then went back and got the dogs. AMAZING! That alone made it the best dog show purchase EVER! I will add to my review the more we use it this weekend. Look for my updates!




A Very Good Day
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