Georgie is become a man, started following our bellybanded Boomer all around the hotel room, lifting along with his buddy. We can’t have that now can we? So it was time for the little man to sport his own belly band. I happened to have a smaller one packed in our show gear bag. It is a tad bit big for him but once a maxi pad was inserted, it fit him better.

The new confinement took a bit of adjusting to but he was soon back to his happy go luck self.  Acting like it wasn’t even thee, he went on with the rest of his evening, going so far as to beg along with KC to get into the bed with me while I was checking my emails and such. It didn’t take long for him figure out who to finagle his way out if the belly band. Like I wasn’t going to notice it laying the win the bed?



I Can Say It Now Too
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