So if I had a dollar for every time I suggested cat claw clippers to new and even long-time Chihuahua owners, I would be a very rich woman! They are the best and easiest tool you can use to clip a Chi’s nails, especially because of their tiny size. We have several pairs all over the house, making it easy to snip-snip, whenever.

When you hear your dog’s nails clicking as they walk, they are too long. Can you imagine walking on your toenails??? OUCHIE! And if you we to walk that way for a long period of time, the way that you walk would definitely be effected – and change.  Keeping your dogs nails short is always the best way to go. But to do that without FREAKING out over cutting the quick requires patience and a bit of understanding of the process.
The quick is like our own nail beds. When you rip the nail off at the nail bed it hurts – and bleeds! If you keep your nails long, out past the ends of your finger (or toes) the nail beds extends to the very end. That nail bed will actually shorten if you keep your nails short. This is the same thing that happened with your dog’s nails. So if their nails are click-clicking when they walk, snip a little bit off every other day or so, to shorten that quick. Once you get them short, that’s when you move onto the nail grinder to maintain the nails.

We have two different kinds that we use We have the Dremel Pet Grooming Kit that includes a cordless grinder. This is the perfect choice for a one or two dog household. The battery doesn’t stay charged long enough to do more than two dogs. We moved onto the Andis corded nail grinder and we candy the whole crew in an afternoon! In a matter of a few minutes, we can maintain the shorter nails and keep those quicks short too. You see, if you happen to get close to the quick, it will cauterize it! Pretty nice aye?





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