Georgie was calmer today walking the ring but man was he scavenging the mats for every once of scrap bait! Seriously! It was horrible! So in addition to working on his confidence on the table, it looks like we need to feed him in the morning before a show so he is not so starved in the ring.  Always something new to work on with a puppy!

Back in December when we had KC at Meet the Breeds, she showed confidence we we begged to see back when she was on the show circuit. Tail and head up and happy. At 3 years old, she has finally come into her own so we decided to she if she might enjoy some more right time.  There was also a call from local exhibitors trying to build a majoring long coat bitches so I went ahead and entered her for three of our days here.

I have to say for being out of the ring and lap loving for over a year, KC looked fabulous! Big tim actually! Walked the whole ring with tail ad head up and pretty darn good on the table too. Very proud of her. She came in third with four in the ring. The major was kept today and then tomorrow’s was walked off with so I do hope that individual returns the favor to me someday!





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