When Cheryl sent me her wish list for a Chihuahua puppy it was everything we already have in Tipsy. Seriously! I mean EVERYTHING! The odds of reproducing that to a T are not that high so instead of simply putting her on our waiting list like she requested, I opted to mention Tipsy to see if an adult was something she might consider.

What’s the worst that can happen? Someone says no….

There was no hesitation at all – and interest in Tipsy was definitely piqued. We discussed the idea of them meeting with both of us seeing that this might be a perfect fit. She brought her grandson along of the exciting introduction and I seriously do not know who was more thrilled wth the results. Tipsy made it pretty darn clear that the admiration was equal – A lap loving diva dog was what they wanted and she is perfect fit!

Congrats to you all – she is a very special dog who will now be spoiled rotten by a very special family!




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