The Chihuahuas kicked off our first day on Zolfo Springs, with the Smooth Coats entering the ring first. It was a small class count but Georgie and I did our thing as normal. He did a small amount of floor sniffing and after earning Winner’s Dog, was his pistol-self a large portion of the time spent in the ring for Best of Breed. He wanted nothing more than to play with the Winners Bitch who also happened to be handled by Alexis! Ohhhh Georgie! You’re such a puppy!

Long Coats followed with Alexis handling KC, which she will be doing all weekend. KC is a dog that will keep her tail and head up right up to the moment she walks into the ring. I assume it is me and my nerves because she does show better for Alexis. This weekend in the true test!

KC’s tail wasn’t all the way up onto her back like it is at home but it surly wasn’t between her legs like when I handle her. I was very proud of both of them! A very well earned Reserve!


The Tinies