Alexis made some huge accomplishments today and I couldn’t more proud! First, while helping a friend handle their dog, Alexis got her armband, and showed Boomer in breed without me anywhere near to help! That is HUGE as far as I am concerned. She has always depended on my to guide her. Then to come back into the building and find out that she took Best of Breed?  SO PROUD!

Juniors were outside where it was unseasonably hot. The hottest weekend of the year so far! And not only was it hot but it was humid too! Clearly, the switch to Harry from Boomer was the right way to go because Boomer had a hard time just sitting n the trolly outside! And for being Harry’s first time in such heat, I have to say that he did a fabulous job with the adjustment. He and Alexis still have to work on their teamwork – I think he needs to help show her the way! Alexis walked a tad too fast with him but this was their very first time in the right together. Shelly and Stephanie worked with Alexis afterwards to point out a few techniques to help show Harry’s best assets off. We can’t wait to see her try them tomorrow.

The heat continued through the afternoon and with Owner-Handler been held outside our new portable fan, a full water bottle , Boomer and Alexis did their thing. They didn’t place but hot or not, they looked great. We cooled him down for a few before the Toy Group headed into the ring for groups. Thank goodness it was indoors! Again, no judge love, but they got tons of smiles and cheers.




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