When the email arrived in my inbox from AKC sharing that the Seminole Dog Fanciers were holding a B Match right up the road, Alexis and I were pretty excited about the chance to have show in a more casual environment. Outdoors at that! We packed up Boomer, KC and Georgie and headed on off to the park. I don’t know who was more excited to see that Kristie and Emily from As The Tail Wags in Oviedo. WE LOVE THEM!!!!

SDFC B Match 2016It was about 10 minutes before the start time that I realized that we are single breed entries and all in the Toy Group. Looks like we were going to need an extra set of hands for groups. Emily’s daughter Lorna had taken a liking to both Georgie and KC, more so sweet KC who loved being cuddled in her arms over everything else. I asked her if she would like to show KC for Groups but after a few minutes of practicing, I thought letting them go in for breed too might be good for both of them.

I am here to tell you that for Lorna’s very first time showing, she’s a natural! She did such a fantastic job and KC did pretty darn good too! Her tail was up even with a somewhat stranger on the other end of the lead.

Georgie had a change up too! Instead of me taking him in, Alexis did! I was very curious to see how he would show for someone else and I was pleasantly surprised at how he remained upbeat and feisty.

Her and Boomer were their totally in-sync selves, earning 1st in the Toy Group over KC and Georgie! Lorna handed KC  again and I took in Georgie. Interestingly enough, Georgie was a complete pistol for me. Alexis and Boomer ROCKED It!

It was when I had to bring Georgie back in for the Best Puppy that his feistiness kicked into gear. He strutted around that ring like he owned it though, so much so that to my excitement and surprise, he won Best Puppy in Match!

While Boomer and Alexis were flawless, I was so excited to see Kristie and Pryia win Best Adult in Match – She has comes such a long way on her handling and the win was much deserved!



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