With 12 kids in Juniors, it was a tough trip around that ring but filled with amazing sportsmanship. I was so proud of Alexis for graciously congratulating all of those that did place. But for the first time, the show’s ring conflict was saved by the Pug peeps and judge! Alexis’ class entered the Junior ring 3 minutes before the Pug’s were to. All exhibitors (Rayna and Dolly) agreed to move to the end of the list for that ring time and the Judge approved. Right after she finished in Juniors, back to our ring she came to watch Boomer’s son take Winner’s Dog then go in to compete for Breed – which she got!!! Oh Yeah!!! Her second CH win towards Boomer’s  Grand title – YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

No love in groups but man is it fun to watch the to take their trip around. The perfect team!


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