Rugs and dogs can create a love-hate thing very easily! Ours LOVE to nap on our rugs and when the sun is shining in on a rug that’s like utopia for them! Then you have the ‘ol “Is THIS washable pee-pad????” I love the fact that we trained our dogs to use washable pads when they are indoors (awesome on rainy Florida afternoons) but this also causes them to sometimes use rugs to potty on too. That’s when finding the best dog friendly rugs comes into play!

The most important key is to find a rug that does NOT have a rubber or non-slip backing. If your canine companion urinates on the rug, even after washing, that smell never seems to be removed. Unless you wish to purchase new rugs every 5 washes, stay away from rubber! I have found that bathroom and kitchen departments are my best bet and when I do happen to find that unique or funky rug in one of my colors, I swipe it up quick. The arrant that way to find.

This green rug was my latest treasure. I picked it up from the bath department at my local Bealls Outlet and Milly LOVES it!



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