milly xrayI also brought Milly along with me to the vet to get pregnancy X-rays. I always do this for first time moms to get a number of pups but this time, it was to confirm if she even was pregnant. She had all of the signs of pregnancy a few weeks back but now I felt nothing in her abdomen. When Bubbles was pregnant with Olive it wasn’t until the week before that we felt movement. Since yesterday was day 42 since her first breeding, we thought an X-ray would be the best way to confirm.

The results are in and based on the X-rays, we will not be delivering anything in he next two weeks! Granted, she was bred over a span of a week and her ovulation could be closer to the end of the week of that breeding. So sure, we may be way-off but my gut is saying she may have absorbed a puppy. This was not a natural breeding – She was artificially inseminated. Litter numbers are lower with AI’s.

Miss Happy-Go-Lucky hasn’t skipped a beat and is her normal jovial and playful self so we shall try again on her next heat and try for a natural breeding the next go-round!




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