KC hormone checkI took my own advice and resorted to going to the professionals. If we are going to try to replicate KC’s amazing traits we need to get a move on! She will be four years old in November so it’s now or never. Since I am convinced that I have been missing her ovulations, a dear friend suggested that I get her progesterone tested. She also totally hooked me up with a vet that does the test and also does scheduled c-sections!


I am proud to announce that my new reproductive solution is Ark Animal Hospital and Dr. Nichols has hooked us up! We got the results of yesterday’s blood work and tomorrow is breeding day!!!!  We will do another test on Tuesday to confirm that she actually ovulated. On those results are in we will be scheduling a c-section for the end of July. So while we wait, you can join us crossing fingers and hoping the stars align an the breeding takes.


One For The Other
Harry's Gonna Be A Daddy!