We packed up our costume wearing crew of Chihuahuas and headed on out to the Daytona Beach Bandshell bright and early to try to get a good spot big enough for all of our peeps. Hoping to see Shannon and Tony again this year, we also had new additions to the event. Jane and Paul flew down to Florida with Bindi and Kiki and Dr. Mario came to root everyone on.

With graduations being held across the street at the Ocean Center, it took almost an hour to get a parking spot. Well worth every second! We could feel the excitement in the air as we registered and got our numbers. Quite the improvement from last year’s paper plates! And quite a few more vendors too.

Last year the record wasn’t broken because it wasn’t video recorded. We found out after the fact but this year they totally hooked us p. We were divided into color groups and counted that way. After that we did the costume contest, a tad different than last year. I wasn’t exactly prepared….

…You see, after our fittings yesterday, we did a switcharoo of the costumes and the boys flip-flopped. The Pauly D wig fit Georgie much better but the MJ wig has quite a bit more “umph” to it. The wait for the counting for the World Record took a bit longer than I think verne expected and the heat of the day was pretty intense. In the 90’s! Without a cloud in sight and standing still in the direct rays of the sun for almost 30 minutes paid it’s toll and all of the dogs were panting. I eventually took off the wigs to cool them off. I didn’t have enough time – or enough hands – to get the wigs back on once they had us proceed to the parade , which is where they voting for the costume contest! They were a fan fave in the crowd – but those that did the voting never got to see them in all their wigged wonder. I suppose we need to pack them up to save for next year- and work hard on keeping their dogs on and of course, nice and cool. It looks like we need to bring Boomer’s gear!

The 2nd Annual Chihuahua de Mayo was a complete success. We actually broke the Guinness World Record for the number of costumed Chihuahuas – 190 in total participated! We ended the afternoon having lunch with everyone at Bubba Gumps. Totally Yummage! Totally awesome day!



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