The Tampa Bay Chihuahua Club’s 59th Specialty was concurrent with the St. Pete all-breed shows today and both shows brought a lot of fun and excitement for the Figgy crew! First, I should explain that this is a very popular “professional handler” cluster of shows so the majority of the wins were because of who was on the end of the lead not the dog. It’s an unpleasant part of the sport but also something that makes the the facts of the weekend that much more exciting, You see, I am a nobody 🙂

In the all-breed rings George didn’t place beyond his is 1st place in his puppy class. Today is his last time in the puppy class because he turns one year old tomorrow! Alexis and Oz didn’t place in the Juniors but she and Boomer got a Select in Pugs and a Group 4 in Owner Handler! That’s a huge accomplishment!

When we moved onto our Specialty we kicked things off with Alexis and Harry. For the first time in several years, we only had one Junior at our Specialty. All of their hard work and there was no chance for her to earn any wins but I can tell you that everyone cheered them on as they showcased their true partnership. Very sweet to watch! Especially when Harry JUMPED over the tape holding down mats. Too cute!

Following their performance, we had our Sweepstakes. Georgie was on fire! His “terrier like qualities” were apparent as he realized there was a dog behind him when he was in the ring. Our sweet, amazing boy got Best Opposite Sex to Best in sweeps and Best Opposite Sex to Best Puppy in Sweeps! The excitement doesn’t end there though…

After the Sweepstakes, the Specialty kicked into gear and that terrier display didn’t diminish  – He was ON in the ring for sure. Clearly the judge recognized it because he awarded Georgie with Reserve – Over dogs on Handlers! THAT’S HUGE!!! Big time huge! Big time exciting!!!


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