And Boy Am I Proud!

We are here in Tampa for the final day of the four day cluster.  In addition to the handlers still ruling the rings, our ring conflicts are a plenty!  Pugs, Toy Fox Terriers and Smooth Coat Chihuahuas are all in at the same time. The more Alexis’ services are requested the more rings she will be spread out in so I see these conflicts being our new norm!

She wasn’t there to witness but was beyond excited once she heard the news – Georgie ROCKED it today! He got Winner’s Dog over some amazing, handled dogs AND added two points to his record! To date, he has only earned single points. The more he matures, fills out, and acts less goofy in the ring, the better he looks – He truly showed his stuff today and earned a pretty significant win!



The entire weekend was filled with amazing accomplishments and some pretty cool loot too! Look at all of these awesome prizes he earned! Crate mats, grooming tote and grooming box, a beautiful tile art piece and a whole bunch of purple! SO EXCITING!!!

It Was A Truly Amazing Day!
Pointless Win