One of our biggest concerns about Alexis showing Pryia was having her have to interact with our Chihuahua crew. We have some grumpy adults around here that don’t really like change too much. Especially change that involves another dog of another breed that is 200% larger than they are. I wasn’t too concerned with how Pryia would react but the reaction of Dude, Cosmo and Blue was high on the list. Then there is Georgie who barks nonstop at large breed dogs while at the shows – Would he ever shut up while she is at our house? We didn’t know what to expect.

There was a tad bit of growling and a couple hairs standing on end – and yes, Georgie barked but honestly, none of that lasted past Saturday evening.   The sound of her nails clicking on the floor while she was walking would inspire some rounds of Chihuahua talk carried on through Sunday but she was gone during the day so today was the true test. Monday is Alexis’ day off so they all spent the entire day together. This is the crew at noon – I would say we are all good.




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