baby boom boomWe started the weekend in tears of sadness with these two amazing friends and we ended it in tear of joy! Margie is now officially a Champion and Hans Solo earned his second major towards his title!

We met up Friday night at our go-to-location – Ruby Tuesdays – for steak dinner. The steak leftovers are always used as bait for the weekend. The dogs LOVE it! Friday we moored out sweet Boomer over dinner and talked about the great accomplishments of the dynamic duo. We also discussed the fact that Margi will be coming to live  with us once she is retired. We even discussed the idea of Alexis showing her next year to try to earn her final major and get her titled. Well guess what? Today Rayna got that major ! And yesterday we discussed the possibility of a Boomer son coming to living with us. Many Pug plans in the works – EXCITING!!!!

A Gimme Op
Tons of Figgy Photo Booth Fun