flirt shot-gunWe headed out to The Villages to day to see Doc – six puppies in one carrier in the back seat and one riding shotgun with me. Flirt is just too fragile to be cooped up with such rambunctious puppies. She and her mommy KC have been rathe inseparable while I have taken Tino and put him in the pen with the other litter, allowing him to remain his active self. KC has been so amazing with her and Flirt is quite attached to he mommy.

Flirt did NOT receive he ravines as she has enough to battle without the addition of live viruses. She is confirmed (not like we needed it) hydrocephalic and she is currently struggling with her sight so, we will be on constant watch for any swelling for the indefinite future.  The other puppies did fabulous, all receiving a perfect bill of health . And no potty accidents in the crate! YAHOOO!!!

8 Weeks Old
She Needs More Help