So I had this idea last year after my oldest’s wedding. I put together the photo booth for the reception and since then it has been borrowed and used for multiple events. I thought it owl deb really cool to have a photo booth at the CCA’s National Specialty event and planed to take it last year. A family emergency kept me from being able to go but not this year! Plane tickets purchased and show entries submitted!

The plan was to create a selfie station for exhibitors can hold their dogs and capture the moment of being at the event in a fun way. One setup for the National and one for the Regional The idea was in my head but would it actually work? We tested it at the Paws or Pulse event and it was a major success! But how would people at a dog show find it?

The TBCC’s 60th Specialty  seemed to be the perfect way to test the idea and also celebrate the club’s major accomplishment. The Toy Dog Club asked it we could do the photo booth one day of their show as well.  To shows to test the idea? PERFECT!!!!

It turns out that once people figured it out it became a huge hit! The main lesson learned is that it needs to be advertised in the Premium as well as at the actual event so people know it’s there. Word of mouth brought a lot of people to our booth this weekend – I was even asked to bring the booth to the show next weekend! I so cannot wait for our Nationals – the photo booth is going to rock!



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