This is been weekend of the year, I am not excited to share that the scene have Barbara created for us to use at the Meet the Breed booth at the AKC National Championships not only was amazingly fun to work again, it clearly was fun for those that visited as well. After winning a Group 1 for the Toy Group and then Best in Show last year, we were honored and thrilled to receive a Group 1 again this year with the new design. The Rhodesian Ridgeback Booth was truly amazing, winning best in show this year.

This was our fifth year designing and running the booth and I cannot tell you how fun it is to see So many people comeback year after year to visit us. Of course Paul and Jane traveled from Rhode Island to watch the Championships and Specialty, but they also took in the booth this afternoon. So many other family members and friends came to the booth. Dr. Mario Took in the fun of the weekend and stop by to show his love of the breed. You also got to catch up with Rita and little Cupie. Rita has done an amazing job keeping her happy and as healthy as possible- all things considered. We definitely missed having Alexis there on Saturday. Our little girl is growing up, and of course making us very proud!

Tino was the main man and he received a ton of attention as well as socialization! As our example of a long coat Chihuahua puppy, he was also and a lot of our Photo Booth snapshots. He truly seemed to soak it all in and love every ounce of attention. Boy, I cannot wait to show him in 2017! He’s going to be one very confident boy!

Georgie on the other hand got a tad bit overwhelmed with so many hands reaching down to pet him. I swear, until the day he crosses over the rainbow bridge, he has every right in the world to be head shy. Having been picked up by a hawk, can you blame them? Last year he was the king of this puppy pen. Clearly he had no problem handing that title over to Tino!

I cannot wait to come back next year and share the love of the Chihuahua with all those that stop by and visit. I have to say, I loved manning the photo booth and I think it was a big hit! See you next year!







It Was Pretty Darn Cool!
Her Final Litter