With tomorrow being our Specialty, today was my last day to get Stella accustomed to the sites sounds and smells of the Convention Center. Success! She actually walked around the building with me, Tail up the entire time! Can not tell you how excited I am! I even had her on the top of the trolley for people to come up and go over her. She was a very good girl. In addition to getting her prepped for her time and the actual show ring, she is definitely been trained for the show site experience. Spending the day in the trolley, using public/ private potty pens and been around so many different types of breeds, both Stella and KC did awesome today!



This afternoon Barbara, Kenny and I got to put up new Meet the Breeds booth setup for this weekend. With us being busy all day tomorrow with the Specialty the canc. to setup early is a true gift. I LOVE the new design – and this year we have also added a photo booth! Can’t wait for the crowds to see and enjoy it all!



Two In Tow... and Then Three!
It Was Pretty Darn Cool!