So today was just not our day at the dog show. It’s not that any of the dogs did poorly they just didn’t wow the judges! Plus there was a ring conflict and I had to show Stella – she balked a bit at the down and back again – it must totally be me!!! We were in and our of the show sight in less than 2 hours! With early ring times, that made for a pretty lengthy amount of time to fill. Darius and I decided to play tourist and explore Macon. Honestly…not that impressed! But we did get out, ate a great lunch and took in the sights so that is always good!

Back at the hotel room we returned to the grooming of Brittany, the corded Havanses, It is actually very relaxing and in some ways, therapeutic. Cutting the tiny random “hairs” off her cords is tedious but you can spend hours doing it and she just lays there loving the attention. We stayed up until 1 am doing it last night and we are back at it today. She looks so good!!! Tomorrow will be her day!!!


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